Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful (insert Stressful) Time of the Year...

Does it aggrivate anyone else that the most simple holiday has turned into the most hectic, hairy raising holiday? One that has so little to actually do with us, has us running to the stores getting the best gifts for our family?

How did a holiday in which we should be only focusing on the ULTIMATE gift of all time turn into such a self-centered, people pleasing mess?

This is a picture of my all time favorite Christmas decoration. I am hoping and praying that in this season I will keep my eye on the ultimate reason for the season. And just to let you know, if you have already found the secret for telling family "no" and not buying the coolest, most expensive gifts PLEASE let me know! :)

*Disclaimer* This post was written in hopes that next year, when all these senseless, stressful things come up that I feel I MUST do, I remember how I feel in the midst of the season. ;)


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