Friday, December 31, 2010

Recipes for the New Year

Andy and I usually do New Year's resolutions, however the resolutions are simple - Be simple. Be healthy. Be good stewards. We are just going to work on them the best we can, at a pace we can.
I am getting really giddy with excitment as all of my favorite whole foods blogs are posting their favorite recipes. So this post I am going to list all the recipes I want to try this year from some of my favorite blogs.

Kelly The Kitchen Kop
Kitchen Stewardship
Modern Alternative Mama
Naturally Knocked Up
 I am also going to be trying some recipes from Nourished Kitchen, Nourishing Gourmet and Tammy's Recipes.

Also, I am  going to try my hand my head at the "poo-less" world. Have you tried the no-poo (shampoo less) way of life?

Stay tuned!!


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