Monday, December 20, 2010

What Works for You?

As I stated- menu planning is not something that I am good at doing. I do know, however, that if I do not have a plan in place, I don't cook. I never have the ingredients together or have the meat thawing. So menu planning is something in which I need to conquer.

With having another child, things are kind of hectic around here and often my thoughts of eating are when the boys are screaming they are hungry. That in mind, I sat down and wrote out a menu plan for the next two weeks.

Here it goes. There will also be some posts about some new adventures in our eating this week. We will be venturing out into the land of lentils... Yeah, we are a little late! :)

Monday - December 20
Italian Cream Cheese Casserole (First time using this recipe! I will let y'all know how it goes.)

Tuesday - December 21
Ham and scalloped potatoes, green beans

Wednesday - December 22
BBQ hamburger, oven fries, salad

Thursday - December 23
Pizza, carrots and salad

Friday - December 24
Food with Family!

Saturday - December 25
Christmas Day!

So what menu planning techniques are simple and work for you and your family? Do you cook ahead or plan ahead in any certain fashion?

This menu plan is linked to Menu Plan Monday.


amy said...
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amy said...

First, I want to say Congratulations!! What a beautiful, precious blessing Kristian is!

Second, I found your blog by way of Heavenly Homemakers. I'm so glad I did! I, too, wish to simplify my life. I don't have any kids at home-my DD is 22 and 4 months into her marriage-it's just my mom and me (I am her caregiver). I can't really make a menu plan for her as she never knows what she will be able to eat until right before eating. But I would like to make a plan for myself. I'm trying to eat healthy for my health and to lose weight-more whole foods, organic when possible. I rarely eat what I make for her as it's just not what I should be eating. It's hard to cook two separate meals two or three times a day. I'm thinking that a menu plan a week or two at a time would help. Hey, then I could do some pre-cooking on Saturdays for the next week. I just thought of that.

I can't wait to read about the incorporation of lentils. I've really been wanting to try cooking with them but haven't. I guess I'm a "lentil" late, too! Sorry, really bad joke...

Looking forward to your next post!

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