Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gratituesday: A Grateful 2010 Year in Review!

This past year our family has been blessed abundantly! God is ever faithful and I love that He knows the plans for our life and family!

January '10 - We were blessed with a mild winter but even more blessed to have a roof over our head. After a lot of lay-offs in our family and community (it's still bad around these parts but getting much better!), I felt blessed beyond words to be able to heat our home and even have one!

February '10 - We always try to have an exciting Valentine's day in which we show each other how much we love each other but last year's Valentine's day was very special!

March '10 - We began planning our garden. This is always an exciting time for me. I just love thinking about the nutritious foods which we harvest in the fall!

April '10 - We celebrating our son, Lincoln's 2nd birthday as well as remembered the amazing gift Jesus Christ gave for us, His life!

May '10 - We found out we were expecting baby #3. We were so exciting for God's plan and direction for our family. Andy and I also celebrated our four year anniversary!

June '10 - We celebrated our son, Dylan's, fifth birthday!

July '10 - We had GREAT summer weather here in Ohio and enjoyed it to its fullest!

August '10 - It's a BOY! We learn we are welcoming Davis Boy #3!

September '10 - Dylan started preschool and though I am not sure public schooling is in God's plan for us, he is really enjoying this year!

October '10 - October was an exciting and busy month! I turned the big *26*! Sigh... My dad turned *50*. And to top it off we went on vacation and had a fun Halloween trick or treat at the hotel- going door to door!


November '10 - We enjoyed a wonderful time of Thanksgiving with family and friends!

December '10 - We welcomed Kristian Emery Davis into our family and had a blessed Christmas season!

 This past year we have had many great blessings! How has the Lord blessed you and yours? For more stories of gratitude check out Gratituesday!


Julie Coney said...

stopping by from gratituesday... great post!

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