Monday, January 31, 2011

Gratituesday: Sickness

I can hear you now... "What Jodi? You're grateful for sickness? Are you sick in the head?". Now hold on, wait a second, give me a chance to explain. I know it is weird to be thankful for sickness but I think that it was a blessing from God.

I think it was just what our family needed - myself especially included.

I'll give you the run down:

We had vacation in October with me being nine months pregnant. We had Thanksgiving and all the "getting ready" you do for having a baby in November. I, dragging my husband and boys along, worked hard and ran myself down keeping up with all the "normal" Holiday activities. We welcomed another member into our family right before Christmas. Then, once again, I ran us all ragged trying to do every. stinkin'. Christmas. activity we have always done. We then jumped into trying to keep up with our normal day to day stuff while trying to recover and get back to the grind.

I never once allowed us time to recoup and get our feet back on the ground. We were tired. We were worn down. It's no wonder we all welcomed every virus and illness into our bodies. We had nothing to fight with.

I declared last week, quarantine week only allowing Andy to go to work. Then Friday we found out it's not just the cold I thought it was. It was strep. Finding that out as well as that we were contagious, I designated last weekend "nobody in, nobody out" weekend.

We spent the weekend cleaning, getting our barrings straight, resting, watching movies... All things our family really needed. Time spent at home. Time just being.

So this week, I am grateful for the sickness which brought us much needed time at home.

What are you thankful this week? Take time to think about it, write about it (if you don't have a blog, post it in the comments section) and visit Laura and tell her and others all about it.


Kim said...

Your body just has to rest doesn't it. I know we always pay for it when we run too much. Hunker down and ride it out--everyone will be better soon.

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