Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan #2


We finally had our LAST Christmas celebration this weekend. My babies are worn out! It has been so nice to have a menu plan and know what we are going to be eating. We have done so well these past weeks. I am so proud of us! (I think it helps that our children are at the "embarrass you too death when your out in public" phase.) 

So here goes our next menu plan...

Sunday 1/9/11:
baked oatmeal
sausage pizza
Italian pasta bake, salad, bread

Monday 1/10/11:
yoghurt smoothies
chicken noodles, dinner rolls, salad

Tuesday 1/11/11:
pancakes, fried apples
sloppy cornbread, oven fries, peas, salad

Wednesday 1/12/11:
cinnamon toast
chicken tenderloins, corn, green beans

Thursday 1/13/11:
eggs, fruit

Friday 1/14/11:
pumpkin bread
pepper steak, brown rice, broccoli

Saturday 1/15/11:
cheesy sausage stomboli, hashbrowns, carrots

What's cookin' in your kitchen this week? 

*This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday. * 


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