Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu Plan #3: January 30 - February 5

When I came across this picture, three things came to mind... One- Goodness woman! Clean up your dining room!  Two- Look at all that plastic your child is eating off and with!  And three- Look how sweet and innocent my little baby looks! Can you believe how big he's gotten (and um.a.. gooberish!)!

With that little stroll down memory lane behind us, let's move on to the menu plan - shall we?

As promised, I am incorporating breakfasts and lunches into the plan. I just cannot begin to convey just how much menu plan has improved the daily operating system at my home!

Sunday- January 30:
eggs, toast
sloppy Joe's, oven fries, peas, pears
chicken pot pie, pears

Monday- January 31:
oatmeal, toast
chicken divine, salad
chili red, grilled chicken sandwiches

Tuesday- February 1:
eggs, toast
re-run sloppy Joe's, oven fries
pot roast, potatoes, carrots, salad

Wednesday- February 2:
French toast
shredded chicken sandwiches, salad
crock-pot potato, chicken and corn chowder, salad, bread

Thursday- February 3:
oatmeal, toast
pizza, fruit
re-runs buffet style

Friday- February 4:
pancake and sausage muffins
chicken quesadillas, rice, beans

Saturday- February 5:
Daddy's dirty eggs, toast
bean soup, corn bread, salad
cheddar ranch burgers, fries, baked beans

Know what happens next Sunday? I barely do. I used to be such an avid football fan but with the kids and a husband that hears "football" and thinks "soccer", I hardly EVER get the chance to watch any. However, with the Super Bowl comes some yummy foods and sometimes (used to be Always!) some good commercials.  I just can't resist. This week I will be sharing some recipes. Some Super Bowl favorites and some easy tried and true dinners and desserts. Check back daily!

*This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday.*


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