Monday, January 10, 2011

REAL Me Monday: January 10, 11

So... Do you have your Christmas decorations down? Or are you still holding on to the Christmas spirit just a little? Here at our home... Our Christmas tree and decorations and lights and blow up decorations in our yard.. are still up. Now it needs to be said that we just had our last Christmas activity last weekend, but still... How am I going to get things back to normal with the kids if I refuse to take down the decorations?

Here is a picture we took this past weekend - Lincoln is pretending to cry like Kristian and Andy is trying to console Kristian but in the corner you can see the beautiful Christmas tree.

How about you all? Are you super woman and have all your Christmas decorations? I bet your the type that has your house is cleaned too! :) 


Julie Coney said...

nope.... not done... my tree is quietly turning into a fire hazard by the hour... standing there slightly crooked, mocking my lack of resolve to take it down. There have been years, when the fake tree was up, I almost had myself talked into leaving it up all year round and just decorating it for each season.... le sigh...

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