Monday, January 3, 2011

REAL Me Monday: January 3, 11

Yesterday I wrote about how I am challenging myself to be more simple and transparent by simply being the REAL me that God has created me to be. Today is the first installment of areas in which I have NOT "arrived" but would love to do better! :) This is me being me and me being okay with it!

If you were to come over to my house. I would not allow you to open up the laundry closet. It is a mess. Not organized at all like superwoman would have it. There are still yucky detergents with yucky chemicals in our laundry closet. I am trying to limit using them to just Andy and my clothes (I just cannot convince myself that it would be okay to throw out products even though they aren't good for us!) but they are still there.

So without further adoo. Here is my hideously unorganized laundry closet...

If you look closely, you can also see the iron on the shelf and if you look even closer, you can see the dust bunnies taking residence on the iron also...

Do you need to let some of your areas of imperfections go? Leave your website in the comments. I would love to know someone else has them also... ;)


Margery said...

I have some, my laundry room, and my bedroom to start. No picture to post yet as we just found the camera in the bedroom, know to find the charger.

Jen said...

Oh I have some too! My laundry room looks very similar to yours... except I have shelving unit with 5 shelves full of stuff! But I have given up on pretending to be the person that has it all together. So if you come over to my house and have to trow something away and notice that there are little bits of this or that on the wall behind my trash can, thats because I haven't had time to be on top of checking the chores of the person responsible for getting the little bits of the wall. sorry. =) It is nice to be able to not take yourself so seriously. Love reading your blog.

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